CML Trade Machine Reviews - CMLviz - Stock Option Back-tester

CML Trade Machine Reviews - CMLviz - Stock Option Back-tester


Capital Market Laboratories (CMLviz) has three products.

1. This page stands as a collection of reviews for CML Trade Machine Pro -- the stock and option-backtester. It continues below.

2. The page here stands as a collection of reviews for CML Pro research, a different research driven product.

3. Finally, the free financial portal, launched as a staunch rival to Yahoo Finance, is freely available to all.

CML Trade Machine

We are Capital Market Laboratories. Our research sits next to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and every other multi billion dollar institution as a member of the famed Thomson Reuters First Call.

CML Trade Machine Pro is a multi-feature back-testing software which includes our powerful trade discovery engine, the Pro Scanner, Intra-day alerts, and back-testing technical signals such as the CML Mammoth Model.

There's a lot less luck to successful option trading than many people realize. We mean that literally. In a few mouse clicks and 30 seconds, empirically identify patterns that have repeatedly turned a profit over and over again, then see those results with no room for confusion or doubt.

CML Trade Machine Reviews

Read it straight from our members. Here are a selection of CML Trade Machine reviews:

* It's a great feeling to be on the right side of a strategy.

* I seriously do not understand why every active options trader in the world is not using the trade machine. The trade machine is the best options tool I've ever used.

* Best research I've found.

* Fabulous product and a great price.

* The CML tool is so damned awesome and the potential for it is absolutely incredible.

* The trademachine is only limited by my imagination, or the lack there of.

* These trades are like "diamonds in the [rough]". NO ONE with whom I speak (traders) is looking at trades or data in this way and neither was I (how could I without access to this kind of database?). This is great stuff.

* Just wanted to thank you, absolutely the best platform on the planet,I was completely buried a few thousand feet deep, thx for helping me, standing on solid ground now.

* I have to say, this was one of the better financial decisions I have ever made.

* I just had to write and tell you about my success so you can enjoy the win you are helping to create. You are, without a doubt, the best site for options traders who know their way around.

* Let me be one of (I hope) many offering incredible congratulations on the Pro Scanner. Damn, it's awesome. What I like the most is that is gives me ideas that I would have NEVER thought of on my own. I am extremely grateful to be a member of your service.

* Loving your daily trading ideas and videos. Keep it up - they are excellent.

* This is just AWESOME!!! I've spent countless hours, going back and detailing every options earnings cycle on many stocks, trying to determine the "sweet spot". Wow, this does it all for you! LOVE IT!

* Thanks for the help! Trade Machine has been great in this wild market!

* Been a member 8 months and totally love your back tester, I listen to every show you feature in on the option insider's network!

* Just wanted to say your service is awesome. So glad I became a pro member when I did.

* Supreme value add. I will be a paying customer for a long time to come.

* I've been using TradeMachine to zero in on weekly & monthly swing trades.

* Trade machine and cml pro are freaking awesome. Surprised you guys haven't been bought out buy some big institution for a boat load of money. hope you never sell.

CML Trade Machine - Learn More

To watch a full video demonstration of the option back-tester Trade Machine Tap here to become the expert in the room.

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