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First Mid Bancshares, Inc. And Linco Bancshares, Inc. To Merge

Published: 09/28/2020 12:23 GMT
First Mid-Illinois Bancshares Inc (FMBH) - First Mid Bancshares, Inc. and Linco Bancshares, Inc. to Merge.
First Mid Bancshares Inc - Linco Shareholders Will Receive an Aggregate of $116.5 Million in Cash and About 1.3 Million Shares of Fmbh Stock.
First Mid Bancshares Inc - Aggregate Consideration to Be Paid by First Mid is Approximately $144.9 Million.
First Mid Bancshares Inc - One Board Member From Linco Will Be Added to First Mid Board of Directors.
First Mid Bancshares Inc - Deal Expected to Be About 20% Accretive to EPS in First Full Year After Close.