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Carnival Corp Expects Future Capacity To Be Moderated By Phased Re-Entry Of Its Ships

Published: 10/08/2020 13:27 GMT
Carnival Corp (CCL) - Carnival Corp - Expects Future Capacity to Be Moderated by Phased Re-entry of Its Ships.
Carnival Corp - Accelerated Removal of Ships in Fiscal 2020.
Carnival Corp - Now Expects to Dispose of 18 Ships, Ten of Which Have Already Left Fleet.
Carnival Corp - Company Continues to Take Bookings for Both 2021 and 2022.
Carnival Corp - Expects Only Two of Four Ships Originally Scheduled for Delivery in 2020.
Carnival - Believes Bookings in H1 2021 Reflect Expectations of Phased Resumption of Guest Cruise Operations, Expected Itinerary Changes As of Sept 20.
Carnival Corp - As of September 20, Approximately 55 Percent of Guests Affected by Schedule Changes Have Requested Refunds.
Carnival - Currently Expects Only 5 of 9 Ships Originally Scheduled for Delivery in Fiscal 2020, 2021 to Be Delivered Prior to End of Fiscal Year 2021.
Carnival Corp - Total Customer Deposits Balance at August 31, 2020, Was $2.4 Billion, Majority of Which Are Fccs.
Carnival - Cumulative Advanced Bookings for H2 of 2021 Capacity Currently Available for Sale Are at Higher End of Historical Range.
Carnival Corp - Approximately 60% of Bookings Taken During Three Weeks Ended September 20, 2020 Were New Bookings.
Carnival - Total Customer Deposits Balance at Aug 31, Was $2.4 Billion.
Carnival Corp - Expects a Net Loss on Both a U.S. GAAP and Adjusted Basis for Quarter and Year Ending November 30, 2020.
Carnival Corp - Monthly Average Cash Burn Rate for Q3 2020 Was $770 Million.