Hecla Mining Co.

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Production Guidance

Hecla Mining Reaffirms Increased Annual Silver & Gold Production Guidance

Published: 10/08/2020 21:08 GMT
Hecla Mining Co (HL) - Hecla Reports Third Quarter Production and Cash Position.
Hecla Mining Co - Reaffirmed Increased Annual Silver and Gold Production Guidance.
Hecla Mining Co - Planned Increase for Q4 Exploration Program.
Hecla Mining Co - Q3 Equivalent Production for Silver of 9.0 Million Ounces Or Gold of 114,998 Ounces.
Hecla Mining Co - Q3 Silver Production of 3.5 Million Ounces and Gold Production of 41,174 Ounces.
Hecla Mining Co - Q3 Lead Production of 9,750 Tons; Zinc Production of 17,997 Tons.