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Urban One Says Had $98.5 Million Of Cash On Hand And $887.7 Million Of Debt Outstanding

Published: 10/08/2020 21:39 GMT
(UONEK) - Urban One Inc - As of October 7, Had $98.5 Million of Cash on Hand and $887.7 Million of Debt Outstanding.
Urban One Inc - Anticipates Will Be in Compliance With All Covenants Under 2017 Credit Facility and 2018 Credit Facility for Remainder of Year.
Urban One Inc - Anticipate Continued Decreases in Revenues Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic - Sec Filing.
Urban One Inc - Cable Tv Advertising Revenues for Q3 Are Expected to Be Almost Flat Year-over-year.
Urban One Inc - Overall Q3 Cable Tv Revenues Are Expected to Be Down by Low Single-digits Percent.