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Finance Of America Companies Set To Go Public Through A Business Combination With Replay Acquisition Corp.

Published: 10/13/2020 11:36 GMT
BlackRock Inc (BLK) - Finance of America Companies Set to Go Public Through a Business Combination With Replay Acquisition Corp.
Replay Acquisition Corp - Implied Equity Value of Combined Company at Closing is Approximately $1.9 Billion.
Replay Acquisition Corp - Top-tier Institutional Investors Have Committed to a $250 Million Pipe at Price per Share of $10.00.
Replay Acquisition Corp - Management, Founder and Blackstone to Remain Closely Aligned With Shareholders at Transaction Close.
Replay Acquisition Corp - Estimated Cash Proceeds Will Consist of Pipe in Addition to Replay Acquisition's $288 Million of Cash in Trust.
Replay Acquisition Corp - Combined Company Will Begin With a Minimum of $250 Million of Cash and Cash Equivalents.
Replay Acquisition Corp - Entities Managed by Finance of America's Founder, Funds Managed by Blackstone Will Own About 70% of Combined Co.
Replay Acquisition Corp - Chairman of Finance of America, Ceo, President Will Continue to Lead Combined Co.