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Digi International Inc - On Oct 7, Board Approved A Reorganization Of Digi’S Iot Products And Services Business Segment

Published: 10/14/2020 22:35 GMT
Digi International Inc (DGII) - Digi International Inc - on Oct 7, Board Approved a Reorganization of Digi’s Iot Products and Services Business Segment.
Digi International Inc - the Plan Aligns the Business Segment’s Organization Around Product Lines.
Digi International Inc - Under the Plan, Expects to Eliminate About 20 Employment Positions During Current Fiscal Quarter Ending Dec 31, 2020.
Digi International-to Incur Total Restructuring Charges in Range of $750,000-$850,000 Relating to Cash Severance Expenses During Quarter Ending Dec 31, 2020.