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TomTom Sees Limited Q/Q Enterprise Sales Growth - Conf Call

Published: 10/14/2020 13:05 GMT
Microsoft Corp (MSFT) - In Q4, Sees Sequential Growth in Automotive Operational Revenue Similar to 2019 - CFO in Conf Call.
Sees Limited Increase in Enterprise Revenue in Q4 Compared to Q3 - CFO in Conf Call.
In Q4, Sees Sequential Decrease in Consumer Revenue Similar to 2019 - CFO in Conf Call.
Overall Deal Activity Level is Still at a Good Level and Probably Stronger Than What We Have Seen Last Year - CEO in Conf Call.
We Don't See a Big Impact on Pricing As a Result of Going Online - CEO in Conf Call.
Market for Self-driving: I Have to Say That Has Disappointed This Year - CEO in Conf Call.
Production of Hd Maps: We Have Slowed That Down to an Extent, We're Not Extending Our Coverage at This Stage - CEO in Conf Call.
Hd Maps: Main Effort Now is to Reduce Cost of Production and Maintenance - CEO in Conf Call.
Electric Vehicles: Assembling Suite of Technologies to Anticipate Demand, Real Effect on Our P&l Now is Still Limited - CEO in Conf Call.
Robo-taxis: There's Not a Clear Route Forward But We Have Our Toe Into That Market - CEO in Conf Call.
Microsoft Partnership: Moving Into the Bing Mapping Platform Now, That Will Drive a Lot More Traffic and Interaction - CEO in Conf Call.