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Hf Foods Reports Q3 Loss Per Share $0.01

Published: 11/09/2020 21:53 GMT
HF Foods Group Inc. (HFFG) - Hf Foods Reports Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results.
Q3 Pro Forma Loss per Share $0.01.
Q3 Revenue Rose 85 Percent to $139.9 Million.
Q3 Loss per Share $0.01.
In Months of May and June, Weekly Sales Recovered to Over 50% and 60% of Pre-covid-19 Levels.
Recovery Trend in Improving Sales Volume Continued Into Q3.
With Current Sales Volumes and Its Adjusted Cost Structure, Generating Positive Operating Cash Flows on a Weekly Basis.
Today, Weekly Sales Volume Are Stable at About 70% of Pre-covid-19 Levels.