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CureVac Says Its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Is Suitable For Standard Fridge Temperature Logistics

Published: 11/12/2020 12:07 GMT
(CVAC) - Curevac's Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate, Cvncov, Suitable for Standard Fridge Temperature Logistics.
Data for Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Support at Least Three Months of Stability at +5 C (+41 F).
Up to 24 Hours of Stability Established at Room Temperature.
Potential to Fulfil Standard Vaccine Cold Chain Requirements, With Positive Impact on Distribution, Cost and Wastage.
Stability of Liquid Drug Product of Cvncov Was Tested at Anticipated Storage Concentration and Stored at +5 C (+41 F) As Well As Below -60 C (-76 F) .