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Sunworks Terminates Merger Agreement With Peck Company Holdings

Published: 11/13/2020 01:27 GMT
Peck Company Holdings Inc (PECK) - Sunworks Terminates Merger Agreement With the Peck Company Holdings, Inc.peck Company - Merger Agreement Previously Announced on August 10, 2020 Was Terminated by Sunworks Due to Its Inability to Obtain Stockholder Approval.
Peck - Sunworks Terminated Merger But Indicated Desire to Continue to Have Strategic Discussions to Determine Other Ways for Two Co's to Work Together.
Peck - Co Had Received Sufficient Proxies to Approve Merger But, Due to Sunwork's Termination, Co Cancelled Its Scheduled Special Meeting of Stockholders.
at Sunwork's Special Meeting of Stockholders Only 4,362,575 Votes Were Cast, Or 26% of Total Outstanding Shares.