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Production Guidance, Layoffs

Lordstown Motors Releases Business Updates Remains On Track To Begin Production Of The Lordstown Endurance In September 2021

Published: 11/16/2020 12:51 GMT
(RIDE) - Lordstown Motors Releases Business Updates; Remains on Track to Begin Production of the Lordstown Endurance in September 2021.
Lordstown Motors Corp - Expects to Increase Its Internal Headcount to 500 Individuals by End of 2020 and to 1,500 Employees by End of 2021.
Lordstown Motors - Has Got About 50,000 Non-binding Production Reservations From Commercial Fleets for Its Endurance All-electric Pickup Truck.
Lordstown Motors - Deliveries of Lordstown Endurance Are Expected to Begin in Sept 2021, With Full Production Ramping Up Throughout 2022.