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Roth CH Acquisition I To Combine With Purecycle Technologies

Published: 11/16/2020 13:43 GMT
(ROCH) - Roth Ch Acquisition I to Combine With Purecycle Technologies, Accelerating a Revolution in Plastics Recycling Through Impact Investing.
Roth Ch Acquisition I Co - Estimated Post-transaction Equity Value of Approximately $1.2 Billion and Gross Cash Proceeds of Approximately $700 Million.
Roth Ch Acquisition I Co - Entered Into Definitive Purchase Agreements for a $250 Million Common Stock Pipe Transaction.
Roth Ch Acquisition I Co - Purecycle Intends to Build New Recycling Production Facilities Globally.
Roth Ch Acquisition I Co - Purecycle is Retaining Its Management Team, Including CEO Mike Otworth, Cco David Brenner, and CFO Michael Dee.
Roth Ch Acquisition I Co - Following Deal and After Payment of Expenses, Purecycle is Expected to Add About $667 Million to Its Balance Sheet.
Roth Ch Acquisition I Co - Founding, Significant Shareholders Have Agreed to a Contractual Lock-up of 50% Shares Until Ironton Plant is Commissioned.