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GM Says Increased Commitment To EVs & AVs To $27 Billion Through 2025

Published: 11/19/2020 18:48 GMT
General Motors Co (GM) - General Motors - by 2025, Gm Will Launch 30 Evs Around the World, and More Than Two-thirds Will Be Available in North America.
General Motors - Continues to Explore Third-party Licensing for Its Ultium Ev Architecture, Batteries and Propulsion Systems.
General Motors - Increased Commitment to Evs & Avs to $27 Billion Through 2025, Up From $20 Billion Planned Before Onset of Covid-19 Pandemic.
General Motors - Completed Hundreds of Test Cycles on the Multi-layer Prototypes of Next-generation Ultium Cell Chemistry.
General Motors - Ups Full-charge Maximum Range of Ultium-based Evs to 450 Miles From 400 Miles.
General Motors - by Mid-decade, Gm’s Ultium Battery Packs Projected to Cost 60% Less Than Today’s Packs With Twice the Energy Density.
General Motors - Expect Ultium Ev Programs to Be Profitable From the First Generation On.
General Motors - Buick’s Ev Lineup Will Include Two Ultium-based Evs.
General Motors - 2022 Gmc Hummer Ev’s Development Time of 26 Months is Down From About 50 Months.
General Motors - the Lyriq, Cadillac’s First All-electric Vehicle, Will Arrive in Q1 2022, 9 Months Ahead of Schedule.
Gm - Development Schedules for 12 Vehicle Programs Have Been Moved Up, Including Gmc Hummer Ev, 3 Other Gmc Ultium Variants, Including an Ev Pickup.
General Motors - 40% of Co's U.S. Entries Will Be Battery Electric Vehicles by End of 2025.