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Apple, U.S. Developers Agree To App Store Updates That Will Support Businesses And Maintain Great Experience For Users

Published: 08/27/2021 00:09 GMT
Apple Inc (AAPL) - Apple, US Developers Agree to App Store Updates That Will Support Businesses and Maintain a Great Experience for Users.
Announced a Number of Changes Coming to App Store.
Agreement Clarifies That Developers Can Share Purchase Options With Users Outside of Their Ios App.
Appreciates Developer Feedback and Ideas That Helped Inform Agreement, and Respects Ongoing Judicial Review Process.
Providing More Flexibility and Resources for Small Developers.
Changes, Pending Court Approval, Will Resolve a Class-action Suit From US Developers.
Apple Will Maintain Option for Developers to Appeal Rejection of an App Based on Perceived Unfair Treatment.
Apple Will Also Establish a Fund to Assist Small US Developers.
Will Also Expand Number of Price Points Available to Developers for Subscriptions, In-app Purchases, Paid Apps From Fewer Than 100 to More Than 500.
Announced Additional App Store Updates With Launch of News Partner Program.
Developers Will Continue to Set Their Own Prices.
Co & Plaintiffs in Cameron Et Al V. Apple Inc. Developer Suit Reached Agreement Identifies Seven Key Priorities Shared by Co & Small Developers.