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Asbury CEO Says Demand Is Going To Be High And Fear Is Inventory Won't Be There To Match It- Conf Call

Published: 04/27/2021 15:18 GMT
Asbury Automotive Group Inc (ABG) - Asbury Automotive Group Inc Coo Expects the Day Supply to Remain Low Throughout the Remainder of the Year-conf Call.
Asbury Automotive CFO Says Winter Storm Resulted In-store Closures in Several Markets and Also Caused Damage to a Few of Texas Stores.
Asbury Automotive CFO Says Inventories Are Likely to Remain Low, and There Will Be Continued Opportunity to Drive Gross Margin.
Asbury Automotive CFO Says As Economy Opens Up More, We Expect to See Higher Growth and a Bigger Contribution From Our Parts and Service Business.
Asbury Automotive CEO Says Received Far Less Cars in the Month of April Than Anticipated.
Asbury Automotive CEO Expects More Inventory in May Than That Received in April.
Asbury Automotive CEO Says Co Was Dramatically Impacted in February, Not Only With Sales But in Parts and Service.
Asbury Automotive CFO Says Co Building an Active Acquisition Pipeline to Pursue Those Deals That Make Sense for Asbury.
Asbury CEO Says It's Really Tough to Look Beyond a Month at a Time, Not Knowing What's Going to Happen With the Chip Shortage and Inventory.
Asbury CEO Says Domestic Truck for US Was Brutal in the Quarter, We Didn't Have the Inventory to Sell.
Asbury CEO Says With Government Spending, People Coming Out, the Demand is Going to Be High and the Fear is the Inventory Won't Be There to Match It.