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Abbott To Release Elecare® Amino Acid-Based Formulas To Help Meet Critical Patient Need

Published: 05/24/2022 21:44 GMT
Abbott Laboratories (ABT) - Abbott to Release Elecare® Amino Acid-based Formulas to Help Meet Critical Patient Need.
Abbott Laboratories - Plans to Restart Production at Sturgis Facility on June 4.
Abbott Laboratories - Initial Elecare Product Release to Consumers Beginning on Or About June 20.
Abbott Laboratories - Will Prioritize Elecare Production at Sturgis Facility.
Abbott Laboratories - Consent Decree Was Amended at Request of Co and FDA to Enable Co to Get Elecare to Children in Urgent Medical Need.
Abbott Laboratories - Similac and Alimentum Powder Formulas That Were Voluntarily Recalled in February Are Not Included in This Product Release.
Abbott Laboratories - Limited Quantities of Elecare Product Will Be Released Immediately Free of Charge to Children in Need.
Abbott Laboratories - Products Being Released Are Elecare (for Infants 0-12 Months) and Elecare Jr (for Ages One Year and Up).
Abbott - While Co Has Limited Inventory of Elecare Products, Should Be Enough to Fulfill Current Patient Needs Until New Product is Available.
Abbott Laboratories - Will Produce Elecare First at Sturgis Facility and Make Enough So That Several Months of Supply Will Be Available.