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ABVC BioPharma Introduces Dietary Supplement Based On Maitake Mushroom Enters Into $3 Million Distribution Agreement

Published: 12/09/2021 13:54 GMT
ABVC BioPharma Inc (ABVC) - Abvc Biopharma Introduces Dietary Supplement Based on Maitake Mushroom, Enters Into $3.0 Million Distribution Agreement.
Abvc Biopharma Inc- Biokey, a Wholly-owned Subsidiary of Co Will Produce Dietary Supplements Derived From Maitake Mushroom in Both Tablet, Liquid Form.
Abvc Biopharma Inc- Biokey Has Entered Into a Three-year Distribution Agreement With Define Biotech Co. Ltd.
Abvc Biopharma Inc- Agreement Grants Define Biotech Exclusive Right to Distribute New Dietary Supplement in China and Taiwan.
Abvc Biopharma Inc- Agreement With Define Biotech in Exchange for Commitment to Purchase $3.0 Million Worth of New Product Over Three-year Period.
Abvc Biopharma Inc- Based on Agreement With Define Biotech, Expect Subsidiary in California to Achieve Financial Profitability by 2022 End.