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AC Immune Announces New Clinical Results In Down Syndrome And Plans For Future Development Of Anti-Amyloid-Beta Vaccine

Published: 03/16/2021 11:29 GMT
AC Immune SA (ACIU) - Ac Immune Announces New Clinical Results in Down Syndrome and Plans for Future Development of Anti-amyloid-beta Vaccine.
Ac Immune Sa - Topline Results Reported Today Showed Aci-24 Showed Encouraging Immunogenicity & Safety in Phase 1b Clinical Testing in People With Ds.
Ac Immune Sa - Positive Pharmacodynamic Response Was Observed, As Measured by an Increase in Plasma Abeta in Phase 1b Study.
Ac Immune Sa - Aci-24 Was Safe and Well Tolerated With No Serious Adverse Events (saes) Reported.
Ac Immune Sa - Due to High Vulnerability of People With Ds to Severe Covid-19 Sequelae, Initiation of Next Clinical Trial Will Be Delayed.
Ac Immune - Accelerating Development of Optimized Anti-abeta Vaccine Formulation.