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Grab Holdings Reports Q2 Results

Published: 09/13/2021 22:20 GMT
(AGC) - :grab Holdings Says Q2 Adjusted Net Sales Reached $550 Million, Up 92%; Q2 Revenue Grew to $180 Million, Up 132%.
Grab Holdings Says Q2 Spend per User Increased by 27%.
Grab Holdings Says Q2 Gross Merchandise Value Was $3.9 Billion, Up 62%.
Grab Holdings Says Q2 Net Loss Was $815 Million Versus $718 Million.
Grab Holdings Says Expects Demand for Mobility Services to Improve in Coming Qtrs As Vaccination Rates Increase Across the Region.
Grab Holdings Says As of June 30, 2021, Had Cash Liquidity of $5.3 Billion, an Increase of $1.6 Billion From $3.7 Billion As of Dec 31, 2020.
Grab Holdings Says Remains Cautious of Renewed Uncertainty of Movement Restrictions in Southeast Asia Related to Covid-19.
Grab Holdings Says Currently Expects FY 2021 Group-level Gross Merchandise Values of $15.0 Billion - $15.5 Billion.
Grab Holdings - Sees FY 2021 Group-level Adjusted Net Sales of $2.1 Billion - $2.2 Billion; Sees FY 2021 Group-level Adjusted EBITDA Loss of $0.9 Billion - $0.7 Billion.