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Agenus And Bristol Myers Squibb Announce Exclusive Global License Anti-TIGIT Bispecific Antibody Program

Published: 05/18/2021 11:41 GMT
Agenus Inc (AGEN) - Agenus and Bristol Myers Squibb Announce Exclusive Global License for Agenus’ Anti-tigit Bispecific Antibody Program.
Bristol-myers Squibb Co - Agenus to Receive a $200 Million Upfront Payment and Up to $1.36 Billion in Milestone Payments.
Bristol-myers Squibb - Will Become Solely Responsible for Development & Any Subsequent Commercialization of Agen1777 and Related Products Worldwide.
Bristol-myers Squibb Co - Agenus Expects to File an Ind Application for Development of Agen1777 With U.S. FDA in Q2 of 2021.
Bristol-myers - Agenus Will Retain Options to Conduct Clinical Studies Under Development Plan, to Conduct Combination Studies With Other Agenus Assets.
Bristol-myers - Intends to Advance Research and Development of Agen1777 in Immuno-oncology for High Priority Tumor Indications Including Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.