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Akoya Biosciences Entered Into Amendment No. 2 To Credit & Security Agreement To Provide Additional Tranche Of Non-Dilutive Funding

Published: 06/02/2022 21:39 GMT
Akoya Biosciences Inc (AKYA) - Akoya Biosciences-on June 1, 2022 Co Entered Into Amendment No. 2 to Credit & Security Agreement to Provide Additional Tranche of Non-dilutive Funding.
Akoya Biosciences Inc - Amendment Provides That Second Tranche of $10 Million Will Be Drawn on June 1, 2022.
Akoya Biosciences - Amendment Provides Co With Third Tranche Pursuant to Which Co May Draw $10 Million Any Time After Sept 30, 2022 Until Sept 30, 2023.
Akoya Biosciences - Amendment Also Delays Amortization Start Dates for Outstanding Loan Amounts From Nov 1, 2023 Until April 1, 2025.
Akoya Biosciences - Amendment Amended Interest Rate Payable on Term Loan to Apply an Interest Rate Equal to Sofr Rate Plus 6.35%.
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