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Autoliv To Introduce Further Cost Reductions, Reiterates Guidance

Published: 06/20/2022 06:21 GMT
Autoliv Inc. (ALV) - Adapts to New Business Conditions and Reiterates Full-year Indications.
Is Beginning to See Results From Its Price Increase Negotiations With Customers to Offset Inflationary Pressures.
Lockdowns in China Have Affected Lvp More Negatively Than Expected.
This Led to More Than 40% Year-over-year Chinese Lvp Decline in April.
Ihs Markit's Latest Update for Q2 Lvp in China is 11% Lower Than It Was in April, When Our Q1 2022 Results Were Published.
Government Incentives Are Expected to Drive a Second Half Year Recovery.
Ihs Markit Expects That Second Half of 2022 Will Recover What Was Lost in Q2 and Thus Global Lvp Growth Remains at Around 5% for Full Year.
Autoliv is Introducing Further Cost Reductions to Reduce Annualized Spend.
Cost Reductions Mainly Include Reviewing and Prioritizing Certain Projects, Reducing Headcount, Consultants and Temporary Employees.
Despite Challenging Environment, Autoliv Reiterates Its Full-year 2022 Indications.