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Aemetis Signs Agreement To Purchase 125-Acre Former U.S. Army Facility To Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel And Renewable Diesel

Published: 12/22/2021 13:20 GMT
Aemetis Inc (AMTX) - Aemetis Signs Agreement to Purchase 125-acre Former U.S. Army Facility to Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Renewable Diesel.
Aemetis Inc- Aemetis Plans to Build "carbon Zero 1" Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Renewable Diesel Biorefinery at Site.
Aemetis Inc- Co Will Manage Current Tenants, Utilize Existing Production Facilities for New Tenants Or As Production Facilities.
Aemetis Inc- Co Will Develop Vacant Portions of Site With Planned Renewable Fuels and Carbon Sequestration Facilities.