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Angion Announces Discontinuation Of Phase 2 Trial Of ANG-3070 In Patients With Primary Proteinuric Kidney Disease

Published: 06/29/2022 21:56 GMT
Angion Biomedica Corp (ANGN) - Angion Announces Discontinuation of Phase 2 Trial of Ang-3070 in Patients With Primary Proteinuric Kidney Disease.
Angion Biomedica Corp - Trial, Which Began Enrolling Patients in December 2021, is Being Discontinued in Interest of Patient Safety.
Angion - Trial Being Discontinued Based on Reassessment of Risk/benefit Profile of Ang-3070 in Patients With Established Serious Kidney Disease.
Angion - Reassessment Conducted After Occurrence of Potential Safety Signal of Unexpected, Substantial Decline in Kidney Function in Patient in Treatment Arm.
Angion Biomedica Corp - Reassessment Took Into Account Number of Factors, Including Evaluation of Totality of Data Reviewed With Respect to Ang-3070.
Angion Biomedica Corp - Believe Discontinuation of Juniper Study is in Best Interest of Patients.
Angion Biomedica Corp - Expects to Report Cash and Cash Equivalents of Greater Than $60 Million at End of Q2.