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Applied DNA Introduces Linea 2.0 COVID-19 Assay Kit

Published: 11/29/2021 11:17 GMT
Applied Dna Sciences Inc (APDN) - Applied Dna Announces Strategy to Address Omicron Sars-cov-2 Variant, Introduces Linea™ 2.0 Covid-19 Assay Kit.
Applied Dna Sciences Inc - Plans to Introduce Its Linea 2.0 Covid-19 Assay After Submission of Its Validation Data to Nysdoh in Next Few Days.
Applied Dna Sciences - Co's Eua-authorized Linea Covid-19 Assay Kit Likely Exhibits a Unique Double S-gene Target Failure Specific to Omicron Variant.
Applied Dna Sciences Inc - Believes That Combination of Mutations That Cause Unique Double Sgtf in Linea 1.0 Assay is Unique to Omicron.
Applied - Linea 1.0 Assay May Be Potentially Used As Reflex Test to Indicate Presence of Omicron in Samples That Have Tested Positive for Covid-19 Via Third-party Assays.