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Ares Management Announces Agreement By Aspida To Acquire F&G Reinsurance From FGL Holdings

Published: 09/30/2020 21:01 GMT
Ares Management Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A (ARES) - Ares Management Corporation Announces Agreement by Aspida to Acquire F&g Reinsurance Ltd From Fgl Holdings.
Ares Management Corp - Aspida Re to Enter Into Ongoing Strategic Flow Reinsurance Agreement With F&g.
Ares Management Corp - Following Closing, Company Expects to Continue to Operate As a Reinsurance Company Under Aspida Brand.
Ares Management Corp - Terms Were Not Disclosed, But Consideration Will Be All Cash.
Ares Management Corp - Transaction is Expected to Be Financially Accretive.
Ares Management Corp - Concurrent With Closing of Transaction, Aspida Re Will Retain Members of Company's Management Team.