Asana Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A

NYSE:ASAN   3:59:59 PM EDT
+1.74 (+2.41%)
4:00:00 PM EDT: $73.98 -0.08 (-0.11%)
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Twilio To List Shares On LTSE In Addition To Current NYSE Listing

Published: 06/24/2021 22:18 GMT
Asana Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A (ASAN) - Twilio Inc - Long-term Stock Exchange Announced That Twilio Intends to List Its Class A Common Stock on Ltse in Addition to Its Current Nyse Listing.
Twilio Inc - Jeff Lawson is a Minority Investor in Ltse and Has No Pecuniary Interest in Company's Listing on Ltse.
Twilio Inc - Ltse Announces That Asan Will Also Commit to Joining Ltse Via Dual Public Listing of Common Stock.
Twilio Inc - Asana and Twilio Expect to List on Ltse on August 26, 2021.