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Agreement On Public Offer On Altice Europe By Next Private

Published: 09/11/2020 06:49 GMT
Altice USA Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A (ATUS) - Agreement on Recommended All-cash Offer of EUR 4.11 per Share for All Common Shares a and Common Shares B in the Capital of Altice Europe by Next Private Bvthis Announcement Does Not Constitute an Offer, Or Any Solicitation of Any Offer, to Buy Or Subscribe for Any Securities.
Conditional Agreement Reached on Public Offer for Altice Europe of EUR 4.11 in Cash (cum Dividend) for Each Common Share a and Each Common Share B.
Offer Price Represents a Premium of 23.8% Over Closing Price on 10 September 2020 and a Premium of Approximately 16.5% Over 180 Day Vwap.
Any Offer Will Be Made Only by Means of an Offer Memorandum ( "offer Memorandum") Approved by Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (autoriteit FinanciËle Markten) ( "afm").
Offer is Subject to Certain Customary Conditions and is Expected to Complete in Q1 2021.
Board Fully Supports and Unanimously Recommends Offer.
Offeror is Controlled by Founder and Majority Shareholder of Altice Europe.
Following Offer, Offeror Intends to Delist Altice Europe.
No Reductions of Group's Operating Companies' Workforce and No Material Reduction of Altice Europe's Workforce is Expected As a Consequence of Transaction Or Completion Thereof.