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Avalon Globocare Announces Execution Of Purchase Agreement For Acquisition Of Senlangbio In All Stock Transaction

Published: 06/14/2021 13:23 GMT
Avalon GloboCare Corp (AVCO) - Avalon Globocare Announces Execution of Purchase Agreement for Acquisition of Senlangbio in All Stock Transaction.
Avalon Globocare Corp - Avalon to Sell 15.6% Equity Interest in Senlangbio to Institutional Healthcare Investor for USD $30 Million.
Avalon Globocare - Co to Acquire Senlangbio's Proprietary Cellular Therapy Portfolio Consisting of Multiple Autologous & Allogeneic Candidates.
Avalon Globocare Corp - Co Will Issue 81 Million Shares of Its Common Stock to Acquire Senlangbio.