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Axonics Announces Partial Decision On Inter Partes Review Proceedings

Published: 09/13/2021 21:29 GMT
Axonics Inc (AXNX) - Axonics® Announces Partial Decision on Inter Partes Review Proceedings.
Axonics - Ptab of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Issued Final Written Decisions on Three of Six Medtronic Patents That Co is Contesting.
Axonics Inc - Ptab Agreed With Axonics on Four of Five Claims Axonics is Contesting in '069 Patent.
Axonics Inc - Ptab Upheld Nearly Expired Claims in '756 Patent and '314 Patent.
Axonics - Plans to Appeal Ptab's Decisions on Claims It Declined to Invalidate to Director of Pto, to U.S. Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit.