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AspenTech Expands Software Portfolio To Include End-To-End Mining Software Suite With Agreement To Acquire Micromine

Published: 07/27/2022 12:40 GMT
Aspen Technology Inc (AZPN) - Aspentech Expands Software Portfolio to Include End-to-end Mining Software Suite With Agreement to Acquire Micromine.
Aspen Technology Inc - Proposed Deal for Au$900 Million Purchase Price.
Aspen Technology Inc - Micromine is Expected to Be Accretive to Aspentech on a Free Cash Flow Basis Within First 12 Months of Transaction Closing.
Aspen Technology Inc - Intends to Finance Transaction Through a Combination of Cash on Hand and Additional Indebtedness.
Aspen Technology Inc - Entered Into Commitment Letter With Jp Morgan Chase Bank for Bank to Provide Unsecured Bridge Term Loan of Us$475 Million.