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Boeing Says Forecasts China's 20-Year Commercial Airplane Market Valued At Nearly $1.5 Trillion

Published: 09/23/2021 04:11 GMT
Boeing Co. (BA) - Boeing Forecasts China's 20-year Commercial Airplane Market Valued at Nearly $1.5 Trillion.
Boeing - With Demand for 8,700 New Airplanes, Commercial Fleet Expected to Double by 2040.
Boeing - Widebody Demand in China Expected to Be 20% of Global Deliveries.
Boeing - 2021 China Cmo Includes These Projections Through 2040 With Annual Passenger Traffic Growth of 5.4%, Similar to 2020 Forecast.
Boeing-under 2021 China Cmo Single-aisle Jets Account for Nearly 6,500 Deliveries; Widebody Deliveries, Including Passenger and Cargo Models, Will Total 1,850.