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Boeing Exec Says Expects Recovery To 2019 Passenger Traffic Levels By 2023-24

Published: 03/25/2022 09:19 GMT
Boeing Co. (BA) - Boeing Exec Says Parked Fleet Continues to Decrease.
Boeing Exec Says Expects Recovery to 2019 Passenger Traffic Levels by 2023-24.
Boeing Exec Says Globally Airlines Will Need 43,610 New Airplanes Over 20 Years.
Boeing Exec Says Globally Long Term Resilience Driven by Single Aisle Aircraft.
Boeing Exec Says There Are Some Near Term Challenges in India Market.
Boeing Exec Says Freighter Fleet to Grow to Grow 70% by 2040.
Boeing Exec Says Planned Domestic Capacity in India to Exceed 2019 Levels by Next Month.
Boeing Exec Says India Domestic Traffic Forecasted to Double Pre-pandemic Levels in a Decade.
Boeing Exec Says Planned International Capacity in India Expected to Exceed Pre-pandemic Levels As Early As Next Month.
Boeing Exec Says South Asia Airlines Will Lead Traffic Growth Rates Through 2040.
Boeing Exec Says South Asia Will Need 2400 New Airplanes Valued at $375 Billion in Next 20 Years.