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Ryanair eyes fuel hedge around 50% for next year

Published: 11/07/2022 11:04 GMT
Boeing Co. (BA) - Don't Think We Will Get a Second Summer of Double-digit Fare Growth.
Per Passenger Unit Cost May Rise Above 30 EUR in Next 3 Or 4 Years; May Rise to 31-33 Euros.
Expects Boeing Production Capacity Issues Will Pass.
Nowhere Close to Agreement on Pricing on Max 10.
We Are Receiving Modest Compensation From Boeing for Delivery Delays.
Possible We May End a Million Or Two Short of 185 Million Passenger Target Next Year, But Falling Short Would Boost Yields.
Reasonable to Expect Mid to High Single Digit Fare and Yield Growth for the Full Year.
There is 'risk to Upside' on Forecast of Mid to High Single Digit Fare and Yield Growth for FY23.
We Want to Stay Where We Are Around 50% Fuel Hedge for Next Year; Avoids Risk of Over-hedging If Prices Come Down.
Load Factor May Increase by Around 1 Percentage Point Next Summer.
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