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Apellis & Beam Therapeutics Enter Research Collaboration

Published: 06/30/2021 21:47 GMT
Beam Therapeutics Inc (BEAM) - Apellis and Beam Therapeutics Enter Exclusive Research Collaboration to Apply Base Editing to Discover Novel Therapies for Complement-driven Diseases.
Apellis Pharmaceuticals - Cos to Collaborate on 6 Research Programs Directed to Tissues Modulated by Complement System, Including Eye, Liver and Brain.
Apellis Pharmaceuticals - Co Will Have Exclusive Rights to License Each of 6 Programs & Will Assume Responsibility for Subsequent Development.
Apellis - Beam May Elect to Enter 50-50 U.S. Co-development, Co-commercialization Agreement With Co for One Program Licensed Under Collaboration.
Apellis Pharmaceuticals - Collaboration Has Initial Term of 5 Yrs & May Be Extended Up to 2 Yrs on per Year & Program-by-program Basis.
Apellis Pharmaceuticals - Beam Will Receive Total of $75 Million in Upfront & Near-term Milestones From Apellis.
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