Bannix Acquisition Corp

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Accounting Issues/SEC Inquiries, Equity Financing / Related, Initial Public Offerings

Bannix Re-Evaluates Accounting For Warrants Issued As In Public Units Sold In IPO

Published: 08/31/2022 13:03 GMT
Bannix Acquisition Corp (BNIX) - Bannix Acquisition - in Connection With Statements for Quarter Ended June 30, Re-evaluated Accounting for Warrants Issued As in Public Units Sold in Ipo.
Bannix Acquisition - Company Determined That They Had Been Inappropriately Accounted for As Liabilities Rather Than Equity for Quarter Ended June 30.
Bannix Acquisition - Does Not Expect Changes to Have Any Impact on Its Cash Position.
Bannix Acquisition - Material Weakness Exists in Internal Control Over Financial Reporting & Co's Disclosure Controls, Procedures Were Not Effective.