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Biontech Says Request For COVID-19 Vaccine Approval Could Be Filed End Of Oct.

Published: 09/17/2020 08:46 GMT
BioNTech SE - ADR (BNTX) - Primary Focus at Marburg Site Will Be Vaccine Production But Will Use All Other Technology Facilities, Benefiting Our Other Businesses.
Reiterates Request for Regulatory Approval of Covid-19 Vaccine Could Be Filed As Early As End-october, Maybe Early November.
29,000 Participants So Far in Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Trial.
Target is to Have 44,000 Participants in Covid-19 Vaccine Trial.
Good Vaccine Should Have 70-75% Efficacy, That is Also Our Target.
2021 Vaccine Output Target of Around 1.3 Bln Should Be Increased by Several Hundred Million Doses.
Expects That Covid-19 Vaccine Can Be Stored at Refrigerator Temperatures.