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Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Enters Supply Deal With BioNtech To Supply COVID-19 Vaccine in China

Published: 12/16/2020 00:43 GMT
BioNTech SE - ADR (BNTX) - Biontech and Fosun Pharmaceutical Industrial Entered Into Amendment Agreement No. 1 to License Agreement.
Biontech Manufacturing Gmbh, Fosun Pharmaceutical Industrial, Biontech Entered Supply Agreement for Coronavirus Vaccine in Prc.
Fosun Pharmaceutical Industrial & Biontech Entitled to Share Profit at 65% & 35% of Annual Gross Profit for Vaccine.
For Bulk Dp, Unit & Biontech to Share of Profit at Rate of 60% and 40% of Annual Gross Profit.
Biontech Manufacturing to Supply No Less Than 100 Million Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine Product for Chinese Mainland in 2021.
Fosun Pharmaceutical Industrial to Partially Pay Biontech First Advance Payment of Eur125 Million Before 30 Dec.
Remaining First Advance Payment of Eur125 Million to Be Paid After Receipt of Marketing Authorisation.