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Organicell Announces Positive Results Of Initial Covid-19 Zofin™ Patient Trial In India And Trial Expansion

Published: 04/28/2021 12:05 GMT
(BPSR) - Organicell Announces Positive Results of Initial Covid-19 Zofin™ Patient Trial in India and Trial Expansion.
Organicell Regenerative Medicine Inc - Announced Positive Results for First Ten Covid-19 Patients Treated With Zofin in India.
Organicell Regenerative Medicine Inc - All Patients Under Trial Have Recovered From Their Symptoms and Have Since Been Discharged From Hospital.
Organicell Regenerative - Based on Initial Results of Trial, Trial Will Be Expanded to Additional Sixty-five Patients With Moderate to Severe Covid-19.
Organicell - If Results of Expanded Trial Are Similarly Positive, Intend to File for Eua to Use Zofin in India As Therapeutic for Treating Covid-19.