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Berkshire Hathaway Says Q1 Net Earnings Attributable To Shareholders Was $11.71 Bln Vs $49.75 Bln Loss

Published: 05/01/2021 12:33 GMT
(BRK.A) - Q1 Net Earnings Attributable to Berkshire Shareholders $11.71 Billion Versus Year-earlier $49.75 Billion Loss.
Q1 Operating Earnings $7.02 Billion Versus $5.87 Billion.
Q1 Net Earnings per Average Equivalent Class A Share $7,638.
Q1 Net Earnings From Investment and Derivative Gains $4.69 Billion Versus Year-earlier $55.62 Billion Net Loss.
at March 31, 2021, Insurance Float Was About $140 Billion, Increase of About $2 Billion Since Yearend 2020.
About $6.6 Billion Was Used to Purchase Shares of Class A and Class B Common Stock During the First Quarter of 2021.