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Beyondspring Announces Organizational Streamlining

Published: 01/11/2022 21:19 GMT
BeyondSpring Inc (BYSI) - Beyondspring Announces Organizational Streamlining.
Beyondspring Inc - 35% Reduction in Workforce in U.S. Implemented to Preserve Long-term Sustainability.
Beyondspring Inc - Reduction in Workforce in U.S. Expected to Result in Cost Savings That Will Extend Cash Runway.
Beyondspring Inc - Reorganization Follows Receipt of a Complete Response Letter From U.S. FDA for New Drug Application Seeking Approval of Plinabulin.
Beyondspring Inc - Going Forward, Intends to Prioritize Continued Advancement of Regulatory Process of Plinabulin in Cin in China and U.S.beyondspring Inc - Going Forward, Intends to Prioritize NDA Filing and Regulatory Process of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (nsclc) in U.S. and China.
Beyondspring - Intends to Prioritize Advancement of Immune-oncology (io) Trials With Plinabulin in Triple Combination Io Therapy in Various Cancers.