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Casi Pharmaceuticals Announces Restructuring Of Partnership With Juventas Cell Therapy

Published: 09/29/2020 11:13 GMT
CASI Pharmaceuticals Inc (CASI) - Casi Pharmaceuticals Announces Restructuring of Partnership With Juventas Cell Therapy Ltd.
Casi Pharmaceuticals Inc - Casi Receives Co-commercial Rights to Second Pipeline Product.
Casi Pharmaceuticals Inc - Casi Increases Its Equity Position in Juventas.
Casi Pharmaceuticals Inc - Casi and Juventas to Co-commercialize and Co-market Cd19 Car-t (cnct19) Therapy.
Casi Pharmaceuticals - Effective As of Sept 22, Juventas and Shareholders Agreed to Certain Conditions in Connection With Juventas' Series B Financing.
Casi Pharmaceuticals - Supplementary Agreement Provides Casi With Co-commercial Rights to a Second Pipeline Product From Juventas.
Casi Pharmaceuticals Inc - Juventas Will Waive Rmb 70 Million Milestone Payment Due From Casi.
Casi Pharmaceuticals Inc - Casi and Juventas Will Share a Percentage of Total Net Profits.
Casi Pharmaceuticals - Casi Wuxi Bio Will Invest Rmb 70 Million in Juventas' Series a Plus Equity, Resulting in Equity Ownership of Approximately 19.65%.
Casi Pharmaceuticals - Wei-wu He and James Huang Did Not Participate in Committee's Deliberations Or Approval of Deal.