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Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Says Board Approved Reduction In Company’S Workforce Of About 48%- SEC Filing

Published: 12/07/2020 13:56 GMT
(CATB) - Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Says on December 4, Board Approved Reduction in Company’s Workforce of About 48%, to a Total of 16 Employees - Sec Filing.
Catabasis Pharmaceuticals - Expects Restructuring to Result in About $2.8 Million in Reduced Annualized Workforce Expenses Once Plan Fully Implemented.
Catabasis Pharmaceuticals - Currently Estimates to Incur Charges for One-time Termination Benefits in Connection With Restructuring of About $1 Million in Q4.
Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Says Expects to Complete the Reduction in Workforce by the End of the Fourth Quarter of 2020.