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Chemours Co Now Expects Adjusted EBITDA For 2022 Between $1.40 Bln And $1.45 Bln

Published: 09/21/2022 12:54 GMT
Chemours Company (CC) - The Chemours Company Provides Update on Full Year 2022 Guidance.
Chemours Co - Adjusted EBITDA for 2022 is Now Expected to Be Between $1,400 Million and $1,450 Million.
Chemours Co - Changes to Titanium Technologies Segment (tt) Outlook Drove Entirety of Change in Company's Full Year Guidance.
Chemours Co - Now Anticipate Total Company Free Cash Flow of Greater Than $575 Million.
Chemours Co - in Tt Segment, Have Experienced a Continued Decline in Our Demand Outlook Throughout Q3, Most Notably in Europe and Asia.
Chemours Co - Will Be Extending a Scheduled Outage on One of Our Tt Production Lines, in Addition to Other Cost Actions.
Chemours Co - in Tss and Apm Segments, We Expect to Drive 2022 Earnings Growth Even As We Enter Seasonally Weaker Second Half.