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Crown Holdings Announces Intention To Settle Its U.K. Pension Plan Obligations

Published: 10/01/2021 20:22 GMT
Crown Holdings, Inc. (CCK) - Crown Holdings Announces Intention to Settle Its Uk Pension Plan Obligations.
Crown Holdings - Trustees of Uk Defined Benefit Pension Plan Entered Into Deal With Pension Insurance Corp to Fully Insure All Uk Pension Liabilities.
Crown Holdings Inc - Transaction Provides a Policy Which Covers Benefits for Approximately 10,300 Retirees and 2,200 Deferred Members.
Crown Holdings - Expects to Record Charge of About $1.3 Billion ($1.1 Billion After Tax) in Q4 of 2021 in Connection With November Plan Settlement.
Crown Holdings - Charge is Non-cash With Exception of a Contribution to Plan of About $90 Million to Facilitate Transaction.