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Conmed Corp Sees FY Adj Earnings Per Share In Range $3.20 To $3.50

Published: 11/15/2022 12:42 GMT
Conmed Corp. (CNMD) - Conmed Corp Sees FY Adjusted Earnings per Share $3.20 to $3.50.
Conmed Corp Sees FY Revenue $1.17 Billion to $1.23 Billion.
Conmed Corp - Sees 2023 Adjusted Diluted Net Earnings per Share in Range of $3.20 to $3.50.
Conmed Corp - in Recent Weeks, Began Implementing New Software Designed to Increase Efficiency and Performance of Its Primary Distribution Facility.
Conmed Corp - Withdraws 2022 Financial Outlook Due to Temporary Impact From Software Implementation.
Conmed Corp - Implementation of New Software Created Shipping Disruptions That Lasted Longer Than Originally Projected.
Conmed - Currently Unable to Fully Assess Impact on Q4 Sales and Profitability As It Continues to Incur Costs While Working to Reduce Shipping Backlog.
Conmed - Daily Shipment Volumes Have Returned to Normal Levels, Reduced Shipping Backlog From a Peak of About $35 Million Last Week to About $28 Million Today.
Conmed - Believes Backlog of Open Orders Will Be Shipped in Coming Weeks and Anticipates Impact to Business Performance Will Be Limited to Q4 of 2022.
Conmed Corp - Withdrawal of Full-year 2022 Financial Outlook is Solely Attributable to Impact of Software Implementation.
Conmed Corp - Financial Outlook Provided is for 2023.