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Corcept Says Federal Circuit Court Of Appeals Affirmed Decision By Patent Trial & Appeal Board Upholding Validity Of All Claims Of Co's 214 Patent

Published: 12/08/2021 13:59 GMT
Corcept Therapeutics Inc (CORT) - Corcept - Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Affirmed Decision by Patent Trial & Appeal Board Upholding Validity of All Claims of Co's 214 Patent.
Corcept Therapeutics - on Nov 15 Co Received a Records Subpoena From U.S. Attorney's Office for District of New Jersey.
Corcept Therapeutics - Received Records Subpoena Seeking Information Relating to Sale and Promotion of Korlym.
Corcept Therapeutics - Nj USAo Informed Co It is Investigating If Any Criminal/civil Violations by Co Occurred in Relation to Matters in Subpoena.