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Crocs Inc Provides Long-Term Strategy For Sustainable, Profitable Growth

Published: 09/14/2021 18:20 GMT
Crocs Inc (CROX) - Crocs, Inc. Provides Long-term Strategy for Sustainable, Profitable Growth.
Crocs Inc - Expects Revenues to Grow to Over $5 Billion by 2026.
Crocs Inc Sees Adjusted Operating Margins Above 26% by 2026.
Crocs Inc Sees Annual Free Cash Flow in Excess of $1 Billion by 2026.
Crocs - Announced That We Expect to Have Repurchased $500.0 Million of Shares in 2021 by End of Fiscal Q3.
Crocs - Announced, Will Enter Into New Asr That Will Conclude by End of 2021, Which Will Bring Total Expected Repurchases by Year End to $1.0 Billion.
Crocs - Expect at Least 50% of Total Revenues to Be Derived From Digital Channels by End of 2026.