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Citius Pharmaceuticals Receives FDA Response And Guidance To Pre-Ind Consultation Submission For Mino-Wrap

Published: 12/09/2020 16:52 GMT
Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc (CTXR) - Citius Pharmaceuticals Receives FDA Response and Guidance to Pre-ind Consultation Submission for Mino-wrap.
Citius Pharma -mino-wrap's Novel Approach to Reducing Post-mastectomy Infections Associated With Use of Tissue Expander is Ontrack in Preclinical Stage.
Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc - FDA Granted a Written Response Only Meeting Regarding Guidance and Direction on Mino-wrap Development Plan.
Citius Pharmaceuticals - FDA Provided Guidance on Design of Drug Elution Studies and Agreed That Large Animal Pharmacology Study Would Be Appropriate.
Citius Pharma - FDA Also Agreed That a 28-day Toxicology Study Appears Appropriate and That Microbiology Support Through Existing Data is Acceptable.